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• Management- 7% of gross rents collected per month. (Bulk discountsavailable based on number of units)
• Lease-up fee- 1/2 of the first month's rent (minimum of $600) per vacant unit rented - based on a one-year lease minimum. We also offer the option of lease-up only if you just need a vacant unit filled. Keep in mind that with our expertise, we can guarantee a quick lease up to keep you, the owner, from losing any revenue.

Are you looking for an ethical and dependable company to manage your property?

Good news, Buyers Real Estate is that company. We make your life easier by taking the day to day burden of management off your shoulders. We make it easy and affordable for you to enjoy the benefits of owning income property without the hassle of managing it. We offer competitive rates and often perform additional duties to ensure client satisfaction. Here is some general information about us and the services that we offer:

About Our Services!

We offer complete management which includes:
Coordinating and supervising all repairs and maintenance, perform a monthly walk around inspection, collect all rent and other revenue to be disbursed according to Owners instructions. Buyers Real Estate also maintains all records and provides same for Owners review, provides photographs of each unit interior as tenants vacate, assesses damages and cleaning fees as units are vacated, provides monthly rental reports as well as a fiscal year end report. Buyers Real Estate also shows vacant units, interviews prospective tenants, checks all rental and work references, inspects tenants last address if at all possible, collects security deposits and holds them in a trust account, prepares lease paperwork and obtains signatures for the same, and pays for all advertising, credit reports, and other expenses associated with renting.

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Management Services

Buyers Real Estate Property Management LLC offers complete property management for all forms of investment properties. Our services include:

  • Rent Collection
  • Tenant Selection
  • Management & Oversight of Repairs 
  • Much More...

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We have a number of happy clients that would be happy to provide testimonials about our service. Here's a few:

  1. Nancy Bergh-Pollock:    (907) 230-0293   [two eight-plexes]
  2. John Montooth:   (907) 843-0863    [three six-plexes]
  3. Skip Freeman:  (303) 895-1676   [25 unit trailer park]
  4. Brett Merrill:   (907) 250-4759    [21 units total]


Our Team

Michael Wight

Michael Wight has been interested in real estate, investment properties, and property management since age 15. After graduating high school he studied management and marketing at the University of Alaska. He continued to educate himself in his spare time on real estate investing through reading books, taking seminars, and talking to professionals. He purchased his first investment property at the age of 19. After graduating with a BBA from the University of Alaska, Michael secured a property management job with Weidner Property Management. There he earned very valuable experience and education, but his entrepreneurial spirit desired position with more potential and more responsibilities. He left Weidner to start working with Larry Ross at Buyers Real Estate, managing only 20 units. The company has grown very rapidly and successfully from that point. In only two years, Buyers Real Estate Property Management had acquired a portfolio of over 300 units and four full time property management employees. The company continues to grow and improve every month.

Evelyn Terrazas Duran

My name is Evelyn Terrazas Duran, I’ve been in the Property Management Industry since the late 1980’s. I grew up with an amazing, brave woman, an Apartment Property Manager who also happened to be my mother.  My mother, single parent Zoila Terrazas, throughout the 1990’s in Los Angeles County met gang members and drug dealers head on, as she managed a crime ridden apartment building. My mother along with us four children, me being the oldest, had been threatened, our apartment was fired into and one of our vehicles had been shot at and torched as she confronted the gang members in search of safe living standards for us and her tenants. Her gutsy attitude and determination to provide a decent home for us taught me that no matter where we live, we must clean and protect our home.  It was then that I realized the importance of our homes within our communities. 

Shortly after the Los Angeles riots in 1992 I decided to move to Anchorage, Alaska. I immediately fell in LOVE with this place, majestic mountains, millions of trees, gorgeous landscapes, breath taking river, all of its natural resources and rich history.  Being out on my own I worked part time at McDonalds for a couple of months while going to school, even though I had fun there, I quickly realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do for a long period of time. Focused on school I graduated from East Anchorage High School and Martin Luther King Career Center (KCC), then I was in the Alaska Tourism Industry for approximately 4 years, from Alaska Railroads to Anchorage Hotels to Alaska Airlines. After that I moved to the State of Washington where I was hired with Coldwell Banker First Realtors, as their Property Management Coordinator and I LOVED it! There I expanded my desire to invest in real estate and manage several rental properties.  Once again, I moved back to Alaska in 1999 to raise my family. When my first child was born in 2000, as a new overprotective mother, I opened a child daycare for over a year. The home that I lived in at the time sold and as a tenant I was given notice to move elsewhere. Coincidently enough opportunity came knocking at my door in May of 2001.  A private property investor asked if I would be interested in managing his apartment building as his residential property manager.  Doing what I LOVE and getting paid for it, well of course! I managed approximately 100 apartment homes for 10 years. 

As my family continued to grow, I looked to expand my career in the Property Management Industry. I joined Weidner Apartment Homes in 2010 as an Assistant Community Director, received extensive management training and managed several different apartment buildings owned by Weidner. In October of 2012 I decided to expand my horizon by getting my Real Estate License and have the opportunity to apply my expertise in managing more rental properties throughout Anchorage and Eagle River with Buyers Real Estate.  I met Buyers Real Estate’s Broker Larry Ross back in 2004 shortly after taking a real estate course with Sheppard Real Estate School.  I purchased my first investment property in 2009 with, in my opinion, the best broker I’ve known, Lawrence Ross and his amazing partner Debbie Ross. Being a landlord myself I know firsthand the importance of having good tenants and a steady cash flow on a rental property. 

Today I continue to educate myself in the real estate and property management fields in order to provide the best to my owner investors and my tenants. Every day I learn something new. This truly is a career like no other, it allows me to meet people from all walks of life, and it’s great!!  Offering one of life’s essentials, “A roof over our heads.” Like my mother I am a single mother with 4 wonderful children, maybe they will also someday follow in my footsteps. It could happen!! 

Bottom line, I love what I do and I intent to do it for another few decades. 


Roxie is a mother, grandmother, pet lover, people lover who has called Alaska home for 50 years, watching/helping Alaska change substantially. She still remembers when Hillside had a small number of houses with an occasional twinkle of light at night! From delivering mail to working with mentally challenged individuals to three years as a staffing consultant with an employment agency, she has a wide variety of experience. A true love of working with people makes the real estate profession the perfect place for her. She has been heard to say that she really enjoys her job and the tenants she works with, regretting only that she didn’t get into the real estate field much sooner!