Buyer Representation

Our focus is representing real estate buyers. That's what we've been doing for the last XX years and we have developed a special interest in helping new home buyers and real estate investors make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. There is no cost to buyers to be represented by our experienced team and you only benefit from our experience and knowledge.

We look forward to working with you!

At Buyers Real Estate, we have always practiced "single agency". This means we never act as dual agents, this is, represent both buyer and seller in a transaction. "Dual Agency" can lead to conflicts of interest and so we only represent you. The vast majority of Anchorage brokerages practice dual agency and we recommend that, if you're interested in any kind of property, you get your own broker.


If you agree, we become your most loyal advocate and are legally bound to put your interests foremost. We negotiate for what you want, endeavor to protect you in the process, and typically don't have to charge you* for our services. We never pressure you; our goal is not to sell you a home, but to help you buy a home. The broker of Buyers Real Estate, Larry Ross, has 17 years experience in real estate, and we use that experience to help you thoroughly analyze the property in which you are interested. We "hold your hand" through the entire process and are always available to deal with your concerns, answer your questions, and handle problems that arise. Confidential information that you give us stays confidential and is not shared with sellers.

* *Our compensation usually comes from the split of the seller paid commission to their listing broker.

* Buyers note: It is especially important that you get representation in the case of new construction and For Sale By Owners. A builder and a builder's agent will sometimes "bulldoze" buyers to accept unwanted changes or defects in a new house. Real estate agents have to disclose defects in a property or risk license sanctions, so sometimes sellers will seek to sell without an agent to avoid disclosing problems with a home.

*  If you contact us about a property that we've listed, we'll inform you that we represent the seller, and if you choose, will provide you with a list of reputable agents that can negotiate on that home for you.

About Us!
Larry Ross: Owner/Broker of Buyers Real Estate.  He has been in the real estate business since 1985.  He runs the office with the help of his partner Ayla Rogers and associate Thomas Strapko. We also have our own property management department run by Michael Wight.  We offer our experience and expertise and proudly hold true to the Realtor Code of Ethics.

Please give us a call today at 907-561-2227 or e-mail us at! We would be proud to represent you!

Current Listings

We are proud to offer access to the Alaska Multiple Listing Service. Feel free to browse the current listings and contact us if you find a property we can help you purchase.

Current Listings 

Recommended Providers

Over the years, we have developed some excellent relationships with a number of complimentary real estate professionals and we whole heartedly recommend the following individuals as you may have need:

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